Amanda Alberto

Photos by Amy Miller

Equal parts Martha Stewart and McGyver, Alberto is known for her fresh spin on classic design principles and resourceful nature.

A Nashville, TN based stylist who brings unique visions to life in the physical realm,  Amanda understands that the best stylist must be flexible. Whether it be a retail display, a set, event or a straightforward product shot she works to carefully to craft each scene to tell the intended story. She goes above and beyond to not only craft an incredible end product - she strives to make her clients’ lives easier, covering all details, keeping them organized and jumping into anything that may be needed.

She’ll creatively find a solution for any challenge and provides peace of mind to any client. Amanda leads with her heart in all endeavors and approaches every project with her true passion for creativity and the art of do it yourself.

Services offered include production design, location scouting, wardrobe styling and general art department assistance for live action, stills, music video, etc.